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#355433 - I went down licking his cock dry, before asking who else wanted her ass, hands went up every where, Jackie looked around and picked a real good sized cock, I told her it was time for 3 cocks, so picking another good cock lay him down, his cock in her pussy, then I straddled her back, and slipped mine in her ass, telling big cock to stand behind me and shove his in too, it was akward, but we got there, three cocks, rubbing against one another, 2 in her ass and 1 in her pussy, I told more guys to face fuck her. we gave her a good going over, soon the toys were used in her pussy and ass, before I sent my seeds up into her ass for the first time, then with a good sniff of the poppers, Sue rammed her fist up Jackie's ass to realy open her up once more. Sue fisted her for some time, her arm going further up as Jackie took more amyl to relax her anus, then after one huge anal orgasm Sue pulled her fist out, leaving her hole gagging wide.

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