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#376165 - well over a dozen she asked, he said yes? And that they would all get a chance to really use me? I was then lead down the hall to a small room where Amanda's husband JR had every thing ready it was like a photo booth as he explained the procedure and that I was to be photographed and registered as a modern day slave slut! OMG! I liked the idea of being marked as a slave, and heard about such things but never thought it would ever happen to me? It was just part of Amanda's way for her and my husband to make me feel like I was really going to be a slave, or was it? The thought really left me wondering and unsure? Then the reality started to sink in as I began to think, . what was that dear? You need to speak clearly slave slut Deanna as I cannot understand a word you are saying? Again mocking me as my tongue so painfully clamped had distorted most all of my pathetic pleas for help to little more than slobbering drooling gibberish! As a parting shot she had taken a small

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